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Default Early Start To Patriots Worship

After gagging in the Super Bowl against the Giants followed by one and out home playoff loses the last two seasons, one might think the Patriots running up the score in 2 preseason games would not be grounds for writing a column reminding us of their greatness - not so according to Dan Schaugnessy of and (suprise!) The Boston Globe

Belichick, Patriots look like they're back ... with a vengeance

There's always fear and loathing around the Patriots.
Hope you got it out of your system, people. Because it looks like the Patriots are loaded. Again.

"Belichick is through screwing around,'' an NFC executive told The Boston Globe's Greg Bedard during last Thursday's 31-14 New England drubbing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "What we saw tonight, if that's the way they continue to go into the season, is a complete departure from what we saw last season. They're not reacting. They're dictating.''

We are only halfway through a preseason after a protracted lockout. There is so much we do not know. But the Patriots look like a monster team. A lot like 2007.

Be afraid, NFL. Be very afraid.

Wow - so this year's version of the Patriots is like the 2007 version - I guess that means they actually win a playoff game and wait until the Super Bowl to crash

Never too early for me to be reminded why I despise the Pats and worshipful writers who would make you think this is the greatest team of all time
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