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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
OK, "Tony HipFAT" whatever you say. I guess everyone in a Steelers'
uniform is automatically better than all other players at their position.
Did you even graduate high school? GED at least? You attempt to use
the English language is embarrassing. DJ is a mad baller. MW is good
but great players make great plays when they are in the biggest games.
MW failed to do that. Even Hines found a way to drop a TD on GB.
easy there, ChubDumper. you cant run that limp wristed, donald chump smack on me.

just because you got schooled, is no reason to make the ultimate desperation reach for some 3rd grade playground, english class smack.

especially when your wordplay is like giving a dictionary an abortion.

you lose, clown.

once you prove your "football knowledge" is beyond tecmo bowl level, then you can come at me. until then, save yourself the humiliation.
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