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Default Re: steelers interested in Pryor ?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Steelers presumably will stay away
I don't think they'd stay away, however I think its a pipe dream to get a player with with that much athletic talent/size for for a throwaway draftpick. The Steelers are one of the winningest franchises in the Superbowl era because they don't make perennially stupid moves like some other franchises (the Bengals)

Heck, since you brought up Tebow, that's just a perfect example - the Broncos were absolutely dumb enough to draft him with a first round pick (should have been 3rd round or lower, teams would have been dumb to draft him even in the 2nd round where most people thought he'd land)...granted, Tebow's character helped him out there whereas Pryor's is bound to hurt, but the point still stands, some team will be dumb enough to outbid the Steelers, there's no way we waste a 3rd round pick or higher* on Pryor without knowing he'll happily commit 100% to whatever we make him do seeing as we're more than set for QB.

*granted, with our lackluster performance picking in the 2nd round maybe we would
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