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Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
So you are proclaiming a victory for your opinion based off of one preseason game? Against the Bungles? Don't you think you may be jumping the gun a little? I mean, he could still have a totally shit year. He could get injured the very first regular season game of the year and not play at all.

Just seems a little bit early to call him a difference maker. Of course he could do all the things you proclaim that you think he'll do...but won't you just look like a total dumbass if he doesn't?
I have vision. I just can see things develop with more confidence than
average. Yes, he could blow an ACL or something, making him a non-factor.
But that can be said for every player on the planet. Trying to predict
injuries, or lack there of, is not even possible.

But in my opinion, if he stays healthy, he will be a major factor in making
the Jets better than last year. It doesn't matter that it was his first game,
even a pre-season game. I can tell just be looking at how he moves and
the 3 grabs he made that he will in fact be a major factor, unless he gets

The years in prison made him far hungrier. And his talent was never
in question.

Anyone thinking Brown, Battles or Sanders will make a bigger impact
hasn't been paying attention. Oh, and the assertion that Sweed will
do as well or better than Plex is, of course, already a known laugh.
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