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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Using the logic that preseason games are a conclusive indicator of how the season will play out, the Jets adding All-Pro Plax will be of no benefit since the 2 blowout preseason wins by the Pats over Jax and Tanpa Bay means New England is going 19-0 and will beat the Jets every time they play this year, after which Plax will sign a $100 million contract that the Jets wil not be able to afford as Burress gets ready to enter Canton based on last night's performance against the legendary defense of the Cincinnati Bengals
This is a wildly gung ho straw man argument. One _can_ assess if a player
looks ready to rock, when going against any starters in preseason. That is
not any where near the same as claiming a _team_ will do well based
on wins in the preseason. EVERYONE knows this. Too many variables. Some
teams game plan for PS, others do not. SOME teams leave in starters for
longer than other teams, and will obviously be more likely to win. Stop
with the straw man madness.
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