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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
This is a wildly gung ho straw man argument. One _can_ assess if a player
looks ready to rock, when going against any starters in preseason. That is
not any where near the same as claiming a _team_ will do well based
on wins in the preseason. EVERYONE knows this. Too many variables. Some
teams game plan for PS, others do not. SOME teams leave in starters for
longer than other teams, and will obviously be more likely to win. Stop
with the straw man madness.
Apparently not EVERYONE does

Belichick, Patriots look like they're back ... with a vengeance...

We are only halfway through a preseason after a protracted lockout. There is so much we do not know. But the Patriots look like a monster team. A lot like 2007.

Be afraid, NFL. Be very afraid.

I was simply flipping your nonsensical argument back at you

I recognize putting any weight on preseason gamnes is nonsense - see my thread in the NFL section on Pats worship

OTOH you apparently are gullible enough to rely upon a decent performance in a pre-season game against the Bengals as an indication of future results if it allows you to
try and ride your hobby horse about how great Burress is

I have to ask - are you related to bobby jr.? His posts have an uncanny similarity in many ways to yours with regard to the leaps of illogic.
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