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Originally Posted by Sixburgher View Post
Speaking of which, WTF does this thread have to do with the Steelers?
It has very much to do with the Steelers. Plex came in for a 2-meal
visit a few weeks back, meaning there was a real possibility that
he could come back to Pgh. Some of us thought that would have
really given the team an overall boost, while others claimed Sweed
was likely to be a bigger factor than would signing Plex. I asserted
that Plex going to the Jets made them better and, at the same time,
made Pgh weaker for not having him.

I am now stating, that, after viewing how he looked, that my original
assertion is even more likely to be on the $. (My take that Sweed
would do nothing for us this season has already been proven
100% correct.)
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