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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Apparently not EVERYONE does

Belichick, Patriots look like they're back ... with a vengeance...
They were never "not back." They won 14 games last year and have
done nothing but added to-shelf talent. Sure, they got ambushed by
a motivated Jet's team in the play offs, but it's not as if NE was considered
"down" last year. I don't think you can ever say a team that goes 14-2 needs
to "come back."

We are only halfway through a preseason after a protracted lockout. There is so much we do not know. But the Patriots look like a monster team. A lot like 2007.
I would have considered that so without ever looking at their PS
results. They are time-tested and as long as they got Brady
and Belichick up there, they are always a threat to win lots of games.

Be afraid, NFL. Be very afraid.
They are what they are. And one of the things they are are
Steeler killers.

I was simply flipping your nonsensical argument back at you
No you were creating one in a non sequitur fashion.

I recognize putting any weight on preseason gamnes is nonsense - see my thread in the NFL section on Pats worship
Making conclusions on a team's win-loss record in PS is ludicrous.
Making evaluations from individual players, especially those play
the other team's starters, is not. There is a colossal different.

OTOH you apparently are gullible enough to rely upon a decent performance in a pre-season game against the Bengals as an indication of future results if it allows you to
try and ride your hobby horse about how great Burress is
Oh, I will take my "hobby horse" into the season, and, sans any major
injury, will be proven 100% right. I have the vision to see it happen, even
though no regular season games have begun.
I have to ask - are you related to bobby jr.? His posts have an uncanny similarity in many ways to yours with regard to the leaps of illogic.
I don't know "Bobby Jr." But my logic is sterling and structurally sound.
Yours? A bit fleeting, even judging by your assertions in this post alone. Once
you throw in non sequiturs all bets are off.
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