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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
$3 million would "blow up the cap?" I'd say paying Aaron Smith
$6 million and Foote $3 million does far more damage along
those lines. That's $9 mill spending on players who:

A.) are not even starters, or
B.) are likely to get hurt and miss most the season... on,
C.) a unit that has younger guys to get the job done, period, having
spent two first-round picks on the unit in recent years.

Plex is more motivated to produce than at any time in his career.
He also no longer takes things for granted, and that improved
mindset will prove invaluable.
Thanks for confirming my assumption you really do think the Steelers should have pulled strings to find $3 million for Burress

And please get back to me when the geniuses in the Jets front office confirm their superiority to the chumps in the Steelers front office after the Jets win 2 Super Bowls and play in 3 in a six year stretch
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