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Default Re: New Roster Prediction after Eagles game

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
No matter how good Battles plays special teams are you really going to have him active over the 5 guys in front of him. This is not the year to keep 6 receivers when there is so much young talent elsewhere on the roster mainly Cornerback and Linebacker. Also wouldn't bet on 7 D-Lineman either. Corbin Bryant on the practice squad would be available if anyone sustains a serious injury.

And because we are seeing Donovan Warren all over the place is that a good thing. Sure he is getting tackles but all that means is the guy he is covering is catching balls in front of him. I have yet to see him break up a pass. Does anyone know if he has a pass defended to his stats? One thing for sure he plays tighter then McFadden does.
Receiver is the position in which the Steelers have the most young talent. Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Brown, and Tyler Grisham on the practice squad is one of the most formidable young receiving groups in the league. The Steelers also always keep 7 defensive linemen. Who outside of the 8 linebackers I included would you even suggest make the team over a specials teams ace like Battle and contribute in a way other than on special teams?

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