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Default Re: New Roster Prediction after Eagles game

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
I just think you are really weakening your offense by not dressing Brown, Sanders, and Cotchery in favor of Battles.

As far as Grisham, what do people see in this guy, come on he is thrown the ball deep and he is too slow and not tall enough to even make a play on the ball. This guy has done nothing in the preseason to have him make an NFL roster.

We need for our future to hold onto an extra DB, not a 6th receiver. The xtra DB we hold on to (Warren or Allen or Harris) at least has a chance to be a starter some day unlike Battles or Grisham.
Sanders, Brown, and Cotchery are all obviously going to dress for every game and Donovan Warren is going to make the team anyway and it's absurd to think that a team in this modern day passing NFL would forsake a solid receiver and special teamer that will play for an 8th corner who is a project and wouldn't even see the field anyway and belongs on the practice squad. Also his name is Arnaz BATTLE (no s)

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