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Default Re: Steelers Extend Lawrence Timmons 5 years $50 mil

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Tagging Troy would keep him from shopping his wares, but it wouldn't help with the cap if we're up against it. We'd be oblige to pay him the average of the top 5 at his position (I'm assuming the new CBA has this or a very similar formula in place... anybody know for sure?) If there's no room for his money, there's no room for his money. Why would we tag a guy we can't afford?

No, the only way to keep Troy (and I think we will) is big cuts and/or attrition at the end of the year. The names already tossed around here are likely targets.
Originally Posted by pancake View Post
I think there will be a big cap jump next year.
This, plus they rarely actually allow players to play under the franchise tag. They franchise a player and then negotiate a new contract which is far more cap friendly. You know, like they did with Woodley this year. Polamalu's new contract will not force the Steelers to cut anybody more likely than not. I'm confident that it gets done before the start of next year's regular season. Until then, it really doesn't matter.

And what's with everybody wanting to run Aaron Smith out of town all of a sudden? It's not like they're going to sign a starting CB in the next two weeks, so what exactly do the Steelers benefit in 2011 by cutting him? He is the starting left defensive end of the best defense in the league, and rotating Ziggy Hood in and out on both the left and right side will help to keep both veterans fresh. If he does manage to get injured again, then it's not the end of the world since there's already a starter in waiting.
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