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Default Wanna make a video???

I have an idea, kind of like some "homework" for certain Steelers fans who might have the tools, the talent & the technology to create a video for everyone to enjoy.
Something cool to keep the Steelers in mind during the off season.
Here's the assignment..
The Song... "Boom" (the Crystal Method Remix) from the cd "Community Service" This is like a heavy dance /club kind of song, but takes the song from POD & it just friggin rocks.
No other song will do. Here's a link

Everytime I hear this song, I think of the Steelers D. You'll understand when you hear it.
I think of making a video to go to that song, with clips of Joey Porter. Like a kind of "Jacked Up!" sort of thing, set to music. Everytime the song goes "boom", do a clip of some innocent quarterback being sacked(poor Peyton!) clips of him talkin shit on the sidelines during a part in the song that goes "Is that all you got..take your best shot"
Stuff like that.
I wish I could do it myself, but don't have the clips, or the technology.
Just something to think about, if you're bored.
Also, if you really like to do this kind of thing, & are serious about it, think of it as something you can burn onto a cd & send to him, just for the hell of it.
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