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Default Re: What I Love About the Steelers

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
i love it too. its a well run organization that sticks to a winning formula.

im getting sick of fans who arent in tune with the steelers way, who constantly bitch about keeping aging veterans who are proven leaders and champions, as soon as a rookie "replacement" is drafted.
I absolutely agree with everything said. The knock from all the negatives is the o-line. Our problem there the way I see it is we just win to many games. What a dilemma,huh?
I guess they think we should throw some games,have a couple loosing seasons so we can draft blue chip o-linemen and then we can start winning again. Or we could sell the farm for free agents like the Redskins, Cowboy, and Raiders because we all know they're right in the hunt every year. Right?

No thanks I'll praise the FO for the way they do it. They hit home runs more than they strike out. And our coaching staff knows how to get the best out the the ones they line up. If the Steelers moved away and I was forced to root for another team I'd quit watching the game,PERIOD!!!
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