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Default Re: Plex blows up

Originally Posted by kirklandrules View Post
Thumper was a pretty good teacher. Afterall, we've learned that if you're a male over 40, live in your parents' basement and play on the computer all day ... well, people are going to call you things such as (but not limited to): "asshat", "clown", "asswipe" , "dumper" and "loser".

Hopefully, this lifetime ban will be motivation for "asshat" to walk up those stairs, exit the dark, dreary cellar, go outside and maybe take a walk. Maybe shower, shave, put on some clean clothes and see if there are any ladies down at the local library you could share a thesaurus with. It beats sitting in that basement doing nothing but all day long.
I think Thumper had taken on many alias's.....I.E. DOWNBYLAW, SUPERFLY, ect.
As soon as one of these know it all's are banned, here comes another!

Might as well dress em in skirts!
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