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Default Re: Scouts Inc Top 200 NFL players (14 steelers on list)

Originally Posted by ZIGGY0246 View Post
hines at 196 come on should be higher by 60 or so spots really how many wr's make the defense cringe when they line up to block
on them
Hines is lucky to be on the list at all. There's at least 20 receivers in the league that are better than him at this point in his career. So before you argue some obvious homerism, I'll list 20 of them from the top of my head:

1. Andre Johnson
2. Larry Fitzgerald
3. Calvin Johnson
4. Greg Jennings
5. Reggie Wayne
6. Mike Wallace
7. DeSean Jackson
8. Hakeem Nicks
9. Brandon Marshall
10. Santonio Holmes
11. Steve Limas Sweed Johnson
12. Anquan Boldin
12. Vincent Jackson
13. Marques Colston
14. Miles Austin
15. Dwayne Bowe
16. Roddy White
17. Mike Williams
18. Jeremy Maclin
19. Dez Bryant
20. Sidney Rice

Update: 21. Antonio Brown.
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