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Default Re: Scouts Inc Top 200 NFL players (14 steelers on list)

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
This list obviously wasn't in order. As I mentioned, this came from the top of my head and there's probably more that are better than Ward at this point of his career.

What does mentoring WRs have anything to do with being the better WR at this point of their careers? Charlie Batch mentored Ben for years (I think he still tries to) but I don't see him anywhere on the top of the NFL's 200 list. Lots of veteran players mentor younger guys. I would take any of those WRs I listed over Ward right now. Mike Wallace is technically a one hit wonder. Would you resign Ward or Mike Wallace next year if you had an option of the two?

Ward had an amazing career. Obviously, you would take Ward's CAREER over many of those player's careers on the list if you're talking HOF eligibility. But if you want to talk about career, I would have put in guys like Randy Moss and T.O. instead of some of the younger players.

Talking now and into the future, Ward doesn't really deserve to be ranked high on a top 200 list.
charlie batch never qb'd a team to 3 superbowls. never won an mvp.

your argument is like saying joe montana wasnt a top 200 player in the league as soon as he went to the cheifs, simple because he was nearing the end of the road.

some people (like myself and the steelers org) are just into more than fantasy football stats.
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