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Default Re: What I Love About the Steelers

What team in sports is constantly having rule changes to try and keep them from being too good?
The Mel Blount rule that prevented the bump and run on receivers.
The Hines Ward Rule that protects defenders from blind side blocks.
The new rules against shots to the head known as the Steeler's Rule.
Unbelievable. Now even a rule that will call "in the grasp" sooner eliminating some of Big Ben's extended plays. There's even on the good side the Rooney Rule about hiring minorities.

I also love:
Amazing franchise with Legendary players, coaches, and teams. What other team had The Bus, Mean Joe Greene, Jack Splat, & Big Ben. You don't hear other teams calling other players by nicknames. Marketing merchandise around The Steel Curtain and the Terrible Towel, and throw in a legendary Radio Voice like Myron Cope, TV movies with Joe Greene and one on Rocky Blier's life story played by Robert Urich, a Legendary Pepsi Commercial with Mean Joe. Once again Amazing and like no other team maybe in history.

And a defense that kicks butt and has been kicking butt for a long time. If you remember Gregg Lloyd playing then you remember the fear in opposing players eyes when he was coming at them. To this day I have not seen that kind of fear.

I love it all. The mystique, the legends, the intimidation, and most importantly the Super Bowls.

As John Facenda once said in an NFL Film on the Steelers "Some say there is the National Football League and then there is the Pittsburgh Steelers." How true those words really are.
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