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Default Re: Ravens offense looks worse . . .

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Agreed! With first stringers the skins had them beat. Beck and Grossman carved up there secondary! Imagine what ben is going to do! They had nobody to stop the pass rusher from coming in in the left side! Imagine what harrison is going to do! And appearantly they didnt learn anything from Troy's sack/fumble that won us the game last year, the redskins did almost the identical play and came in untouched for the sack. This game showed me alot. Two things ive been saying throughout the preseason, 1) The Skins are starting to turn things around this year, 2) The ravens are nowhere near our level of play right now! They are gonna tote an ass whoopin on opening day!!!

Well, for what it's worth, they will more than likely have Bryant McKinnie manning the LT position come the regular season. I just hope somehow McKinnie isn't in game shape for that first game yet so we can tee off on Flacco. If he is, and he plays well and they move Oher over to RT where he plays significantly better, their o-line could settle down quickly.

The Ravens should be more concerned about the right side of that o-line if McKinnie isn't ready to go. Woodley will eat Oniel Cousins alive. Watch for that mismatch if it happens. Woodley will have a HUGE game if it does.

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