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Default Re: Do we need to trade up to get LenDale White?

I think if he's there, the Steelers will take him, but I doubt they'll trade up to get him. The Steelers didn't get to where they are by giving picks away. However, I'm not sure he'll be there. He's pretty tempting to anyone in the 20's, regardless of the combine crap. He produces. The team I don't think will take him is Carolina though. They have a big back in Shelton, he was hurt last year, and Foster is their go to guy.

By the way, I'm banned from the Bengals messageboard for some reason, so get used to me hanging around. Hopefully I can exist, and carry on serious conversations without getting bashed because I root for the Bengals. I'm not here to rip the Steelers, maybe just a few overzealous fans.
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