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Default Steelers have plenty in reserve behind center

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steelers backup quarterbacks Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon could be playing for a starting job in the team's final two preseason games.

Just not necessarily in Pittsburgh.

Miami's and San Francisco's starting quarterback jobs remain unsettled, and other teams are scouring the waiver wire and seeking trades in search of a serviceable No. 2.

Not surprisingly, the Dolphins and several others are taking a long look at Leftwich, Batch and Dixon, beginning with tonight's matchup against the Atlanta Falcons at Heinz Field.

Read more: Steelers have plenty in reserve behind center - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Batch isn't going anywhere unless he gets cut. Even then, I think he retires and takes on another role with the Steelers.

Leftwich would be nuts to go anyplace else. How did that Tampa gig work out for him? He's just going to be a backup. And if he's going to be a backup, he might as well be on a team that has a chance at a Super Bowl. And with our O-line and Ben's knack for putting himself in harm's way, Lefty always has a good chance of taking over due to injury.

That leaves Dixon. I don't have much to say here. If anyone wants him, give us a six pack and a Snickers bar and he's all yours.
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