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Default Re: Early Start To Patriots Worship

I get so annoyed by the way the NFL kisses this team's ass. I remember watching that "Top 10 Revenge Games" on NFL Network they mentioned how the Pats got "revenge" on Eric Mangini's Jets that season for leaking Spygate. But not only that, then the Pats proceeded to get "revenge" on the entire league by going undefeated in the regular season since, you know, the other teams had the audacity to doubt their amazing prowess after they were caught cheating.

I was like, what the hell? So THEY get caught cheating --- something they'd been doing for YEARS --- and ALL OF THE OTHER TEAMS IN THE NFL are the villains because they logically assumed that said cheating contributed to their astronomical success. Wow.

But then, I guess that's just The Patriot Way: We do everything right, even when we're blatantly doing something wrong.
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