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Originally Posted by #1LambertFan View Post
If he was a winner he would have showed it in the NFL by now. I said he would never be able to make it in the NFL his junior season and I stand by that statement today. Give it another year and you will be ready to put another notch on the "great in college but couldn't make the transition" belt, along with... pretty much every Heisman winner.

You also seem to forget that in UF he played behind one of the greatest offensive lines in NCAA history, had a slew of weapons to choose from, and the greatest factor of all: He played against COLLEGE DEFENSES!
I happen to think Tebow's a bust, but your comments are kind of ridiculous. Peyton Manning's a "winner", and he won all of two or three games his first year. The difference is he got a chance to show his stuff and learn on the job his rookie year, while Tebow did not. Denver thinks it can win now, which it can't of course.

And as far as "He played against COLLEGE DEFENSES!" I hate to break it to you, but they all played against college defenses... unless they were playing against college offenses.

That said, Tebow's a bust, but it has more to do with the team that drafted him. Denver is a black hole right now. No one should be quarterbacking there.
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