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Default Do it! Get this guy!!

Originally Posted by OX1947
Man, who ever wrote this is a Steeler fan. I can feel it. This is perfect, I was hoping this was going to happen. This is the same crap they were saying about Larry Johnson. Aside from the weight issue, everything from not caring to dedication was said about LJ. If he is there at 32, I have no doubt in my mind Pitt will get him.
2004 We got a stud QB, Starks, Colclough and Kranchick.

2002 We got Kendall Simmons, Antwaan Randle, Chris Hope, Larry Foote, Verron Haynes, Brett Keisel.

2003 Troy Polamalu and Ike Taylor...the year we moved up.

Some years you go with quality and some years you go with quantity. If I look back on this draft 2 years from now I want to see LenDale White and ***** ***** who is a future restricted free agent highly sought after by teams in the league. Shrink the ten picks down to maybe 5 or 6. There is alot of borderline talent in the late rounds.

Since mid-season last year Ive been convinced that this guy - White - needs to be in Black and Gold. I'm telling you he'll smash rushing records as a Steeler.
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