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Default Re: Rumor: draft day trade to get TJ Duckett

Originally Posted by BigDude66687
Ne1 remeber when we picked up Bettis in 96, there was talk of him being an overhyped 1st rb bust who wore out his welcome on his old team, sound familar, TJ could be the miniVan or the 28x, the smaller buses not the big old fashioned ones, I like this move if its a fourth rounder and if we cant get White, or it could be for our first if ATL give us their 1st next year and a second rounder this year
Well, there are a few key diffeerences. First off, the Rams were switching to a speed attack, and that's why they dumped Bettis, as more of a sea change in their offensive gameplanning...and the Bus had already proven himself with a couple 1,000 yard seasons.

I have no problem giving the guy a shot, but only if the value of what we give up is low.
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