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Default Re: Carucci: 2006 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past

Im surprised that the Steelers havent been linked more strongly with an early LB pick - its the most important position in the 3-4 (it is in NE anyway) - and its also where the quality-in-depth of this draft class lies.

i dont think the steelers want to be scouting for other teams. they used to have a nice little secret formual for developing lb's, but with probably a third of the teams running some varient of the 3-4 next year, it s not so secret anymore. any team who gets into the midround and needs one, but hasnt done their homework, just needs to look at who the steelers like and know theryre probably a good player. here are some lb's the steelers have brought in for prospect visits:

"Also visiting Steelers' headquarters were a few outside linebackers such as Jon Alston of Stanford and John Busing of Miami (Ohio), and offensive tackles Daryn Colledge of Boise State and Willie Colon of Hofstra,"

huh? i bet this alone puts these players on about 10 other teams radar. i think they know if carpenter, greenway, or, lawson fall to them, they take them. with or with out a visit. with or without even whispering their name to this point.
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