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Default Re: pittsburgh history(you guys weren't always great)

Alright, 1st...I didn't see your post with the point...I am at work trying to do a million things and so it takes me longer to get my posts out there. Ok...first off, don't under estimate me becasue I am a female. My dad always said he got the best of both worlds...a girlie girl that when it comes to football can make a complete 360 and if needed turn into a fiesty little bitch. My dad raised me to know the game, to love the Steelers, and if I am going to debate with someone-to back up what I am saying with facts! I love debating football, and always will! The reason I get so into Bengals it hits closer to home for me. I live in a city that is surrrounded by fair whether Bengal fans; for the past 2 years...I have got into fights with my x over the Bengals and Steelers (one of the reasons he is my X-he was just plain stupid about it). Most Steeler fans don't know how the Bengal fans really act and for a team that's best 2 seasons since 1990...your fans talk more shit than anyone in the NFL. (and just to clearify...I'm not saying all Bengal fans...but a good 80% of them).

Oh yah...and for the record our last title was in the 79 season when Montana was a rookie and they finished with a 2-14 record. Don't think they had any chance of being there vs. us. If you meant that the Steelers of the 70s would have lost to the 49ers of the 80s...maybe, but we will never know (and all we have to go on is the "Match-up of the Millenium" which the steelers won!!!) But really it is just a matter of opinion and we obviously have different ones!
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