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I know this is not a popular opinion on this board but I am a William Gay supporter. I think he is good at what he is - a nickle CB with experience and one who plays well in our system.

Yes I know he gives up some plays but I think the criticism that is placed on him is way way overdone. If anything, I think other teams target McFadden more than Gay.

In any case, I trust our front office, Tomlin and LeBeau and they should know which talent will fit our defense the best.

I will go on record to state that Gay will help us more than hurt us and will post a weekly "Gay Meter" to track his performance this year. I think you will be surprised at how many sacks and ints he will contribute this year.

When he gives up big plays to make us lose a game, I will gladly be the lightning rod and absorb all your hatred for him.
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