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Default Re: Purchasing a Parking Pass

You can tailgate in most of the stadium colored lots.
Gold lots are closest to the stadium and will cost the most. Expect to pay in excess of $100 for this game.
Red lots are decent. Medium distance. Should be $60-$80.
Blue lots are far away. Around $50.
Red and blue both have a garage as well. Stay away from red 5 and blue 10 as they are garages and you can't tailgate.
Green lots have tailgating restrictions as well.
Casino garage- no tailgating.

Ebay is probably the best place as most lots are sold out presell.

There is a guy on this board who used to hold an open tailgate in Blue 7 if you either bring a dish or chip in for food and beer. Your offer of some canadian beer and a few bucks for burgers would probably work. Check back a couple weeks before the game. He usually posts an open invite to members of this board.
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