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Default Re: Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

I'm not a fan of Goodell, but I'm glad he suspended Pryor. The way I see it something has to be done about the win at all costs mentality that's permeated our society. I would like to see a strict personal code of conduct instituted and enforced in all levels of sport. Coaches, players, and parents that are involved in incidents similar too what happened in Sarasota the other day need to be banned from participating, period. We've essentially created a society where it's acceptable to do whatever you want and then be rewarded with millions and I am over it.

Fvck Vick and Burress and everyone like them, they had their golden ticket and lost it. I don't care if they've paid there debt too society or not as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL anymore. For the people that say Burress was treated unfairly because he's a celebrity all I can say is **** off. The law in NYC is very clear and it's the duty of a gun owner too know the law and be responisble. He's a ****ing millionaire, either pay $100 for a carry permit or hire a body guard. He played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.

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