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Default Re: Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Originally Posted by theplatypus View Post
Fvck Vick and Burress and everyone like them, they had their golden ticket and lost it. I don't care if they've paid there debt too society or not as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL anymore. For the people that say Burress was treated unfairly because he's a celebrity all I can say is **** off. The law in NYC is very clear and it's the duty of a gun owner too know the law and be responisble. He's a ****ing millionaire, either pay $100 for a carry permit or hire a body guard. He played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.
I agree completely, I carry a gun LEGALLY on me every where I go. If I am traveling, I check the laws in the area I'm traveling through and to. Hell, Burress was living in NY. The worst part too is that he shot himself, while hilarious, it's completely unsafe. The fact that that happened shows he was carrying with one in the chamber and the safety off, which is irresponsible. I can't see why anybody with that kind of money would have that kind of problem. As for Vick, I have absolutely zero tolerance for people who abuse animals. I'm sure someone will try to explain it, but mistreating, torturing and killing animals is not in the "culture" of anybody. There's no other way to explain it, when you willingly electricute, beat, and drown man's best friend you are a piece of sh*t. Now Vick might be a better person now, only his CLOSE friends and family would actually know, but I agree with the platypus, he had his chance.
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