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Default Re: Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Originally Posted by sharkweek View Post
don't really care about Tressel, but his situation is very different from Pryor's, its really not the same thing, not even close

on the one hand you have a student athlete that would have been suspended for 5 games deciding to jump ship to the NFL - likely with the idea that he would not be suspended and be able to make quite a bit of money, basically an upgrade in every scenario - he would be avoiding punishment and being rewarded for it.

On the Tressel side of things he was essentially forced to resign/retire and wouldn't be able to take a college head coaching job at least for a few years. Him being a "game-day consultant" is no where near the same thing as a head coach for a school like Ohio State (which made him more important and revered in the state of Ohio than being headcoach of the Browns or Bengals) and his situation is pretty much a downgrade in every way

Pryor's punishment is mostly to make a statement suggesting that players wouldn't be able to skip out on problems they caused while playing NCAA ball (ie Reggie Bush), whereas Tressel won't be able to live down what he did for a least a few years. It'd be totally different if he immediately jumped to an NFL headcoaching position where he'd make as much if not more than coaching for OSU. But even then I don't know if anything would happen, heck, just look at Pete Carroll, if that dude can get away with what happened at USC with no NFL consequences then why should Tressel be punished?
the bottom line is they both broke NCAA rules ...not NFL rules. if GODell has claimed the right to suspend a player who was in no way, shape or form , affiliated with NFL at the time of his wrong doing , then the same standard should be applied to coaches.
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