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Default Re: pittsburgh history(you guys weren't always great)

Originally Posted by bengalsfan21
I was not underestimating you bc your a female, I think it is great I am one of those guys who love it when woman enjoy football, as far as the talkin shit thing I agree with you but thats any team, Hell the browns fans are talking crap.
If I lived in a city other then Cincinnati I would go crazy trying to live as a Bengals fan, and yes I was refering to the 70's steelers and the 80's 49ers.
Ok, well thank you for clearing all of that up for me!!! :) and yes...I can agree that all teams have fans that talk crap...esp. the Stains...but since I live near Cincy, I hear it more from your fans than anyone else (the Browns fans that I know...seem to be laying low right now)! Not to mention I go to the see the Steelers in Cincy every year...and WOW, every time I end up standing next tto the biggest idiots in the entire place. So that may have some bearing as to why I feel the way I do about most Bengal fans! But to be fair...I have met some wonderful Bengal fans that have every right to be happy and excited about their teams progress the past couple of year!
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