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Default Re: Are the Steelers better or worse than last year?

Originally Posted by CTFan View Post
Gotta say, I'm impressed with both the civility and objectivity of this board.

Our biggest problems might happen early in the season as our OL hasn't played together for even one snap, and we've got a new secondary. As for Flacco, I used to be real high on him, but he's got to have a breakout year if he wants to be considered elite by anyone other than himself.

Interesting to hear that Ben is releasing the ball sooner. One of his strengths has been, well, his strength. He's let you guys get by with a subpar OL for years because he's so tough to sack. As he's getting older, he may not want to get hit as much and it may hurt more too. Your receivers scare me, especially if we can't generate pressure on Ben. Our new DC is more aggressive than Mattison was, but that doesn;'t come without risk.

How do you guys feel about the Sun, 1p start? Seems like a bad choiice by the NFL, or an attempt to sell more Sunday Ticket subscriptions.

Here's to a great game.
Why do you think a 1pm start seems like a bad start........Isnt that the time football is actually played?......Steelers love 1pm starts!

Might as well dress em in skirts!
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