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Default Re: Are the Steelers better or worse than last year?

Our team overall is much better. With them moving the kickoffs up , one of our achilles heals was that damn kick off coverage. So now most of the time the offense will start out at the 20vs. our D. Cmon, thats help right there. Our OL is a consern for me but weve been saying that for almost 6 years ! Some how with one the ELITE QBs in the game behind that throwing to the most competitive WR corp in the league they will get the job done. Not to mention is our running game which has a slew of talent in it ! Our D will be just fine ! Maybe even better. Our DBs will have to step it up for sure , but we will still get to the QB with strategy from the best DC in the buisness. Harrison and Polamalu hurting is a bit of strain , BUT we have ryan clark in whom we can bring on the blitz vs. troy and keep troy incoverage to scare offenses. Harrison on the other hand has to be looking over his shoulder imo for J Worilds. This guy is going to get playing time and will perform. Timmons is a beast in the middle and may be one of the best in the buis. OH and with the 30th ranked schedule I dont see why we are even thinking we wont win this division. Sorry Ratbird fans.............this wont be your year either !
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