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Default Re: Are the Steelers better or worse than last year?

Originally Posted by CTFan View Post
Ben has always been good at finding the open receiver, so a spread offense makes sense, especially with that receivng crew you've got. We've had problems drafting receivers in that past, although I think we've got some good ones this year, especially if Torrey Smith develops, which is no guarantee.

The Ravens have really focused on making changes that will help us compete against your team. Call it an obsession, but what else really matters if you can't be #1 in your division? Our pass rush was only 27th in sacks last year so we'll be blitzing more. Kruger, who we tried to turn into a DL by force feeding him milshakes, is now an OLB and he's had a good PS. Kindle is the big question mark, but he looks like he's okay and can really get into the backfield quickly (as long as there's no stairs involved).

Our offense should be a lot better too, but it depends on whether Flacco steps up. Should he get injured, Tyrod Taylor (Rookie, VATech) has impressed everyone. IMO, if he get an opportunity to start in a handful of games, it's somewhat Flacco may never get his job back.
Kindle, Kruger and Webb blitzed effectively in your preseason, and McPhee and Art Jones provided some inside rush. It's just a matter of consistent pressure - if you send 5-6 against 3 of our WRs, you HAVE to get Ben contained and down. If not, our young receivers will torch you. I think Pagano is taking the right approach - the Steelers have had marginal corners but our pass rush compensates, and I think that's the direction Pagano is taking your defense. It's just that you must execute.

Welcome aboard. Nice to talk to an intelligent Ravens fan.
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