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Default Re: Steelers headed for salary cap hell in 2012?

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
The 2 biggest names aren't on this list. Ward and Harrison are both gone imo. The Steelers will politely ask Hines to call it a career after another declining season for the aging vet so they don't have to cut him and Harrison was gone next year anyway. If this back issue hampers him at all this season that just solidifies he's gone for sure. They will lock up Wallace provided another big season doesn't get him thinking he's a top 5 receiver and want paid like that. He's not by the way. He's a top 5 deep threat if not the best, but as an overall receiver he needs to sure up his route running and get open more often.
3 catches for 100 yards and a TD was his typical stat line last year. I'd like to see him average 7 catches a game. If he gets 7 catches, he will break 1 of them.
ward depends on if they can re-sign wallace. the steelers might let him play out his contract out of respect. harrison is all about his back. polamalu and harrison are the defense so if harrison's back is good to go then he stays. without harrison the steelers will not have a good pass rush.

hampton is basically just a fat guy being paid a huge salary, but hoke is old too so he might stay.
smith is injury prone and hood has shown he is capable.
foote is average on his best day.
farrior is getting older and more costly.
mcfadden is horrible.
clark's salary doesn't justify his ability.
battle's 1.3+ mil salary is dead money since he doesn't play.
kiesel is overpaid.

just my opinions, but i can't see all of them staying.

i agree with you on wallace. what i fear is wallace is going to think he is a top 5 WR.
Kordell Stewart + Starting QB Spot = 0
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