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Default Re: A message from Timmah.

sorry buddah bus...

i checked your link and all i found was this-

Ravens Fan says….Whip a Steelers *ss on Opening Day!! Joe Duncan stands a towering 5’6″ lol. He might not be the biggest most intimidating person you will meet. He may also not be the guy you fear to meet in a dark alley!! But come opening day next sunday, he plans on throwing down inside M&T Bank Stadium. Thats when the Ravens get a chance to get some paybacks, and make them Squeelers squeel!

Joe Duncan has been practicing Muay Thai, after being badly beaten In Pittsburgh last year during the playoff game. “I was punched in the face by this big Steelers fan outside after we lost to them. It was injury to insulte dude. Guys in the black and gold think my size meant easy pickings. This year, I have some elbows and knee’s for them”.

Duncan is a self learner of Muay Thai. He has purchased 4 dvd’s on Muay Thai, and plans to use it next sunday, to the 1st Steeler fan who calls him a name.

5′ 2″ Ravens Fan…Badly Beaten in Philly before Exhibition Game!!
According to his 6’1″ best friend, he is known as the “Killer Elf” never losing a street fight his entire life. The 5’2″ Ravens fan who is Dan Denton, makes no bones about he swung 1st but he just couldnt finish it. He also makes no bones about it, that his sidekick and best friend Sal Ogle, started the war, by saying “F*ck the Eagles and Mark Walberg” since he appeared in the Eagles movie “Invincible”.

Why the 6’1″ Goliath didnt help David is questionable? Now the “Killer Elf” wants to fight his best friend of 28 years. According to Sal, he saw a group of drunken Eagles fans, who said the “Ravens Suck” when they walked by them, in the Philly stadium parking lot. “Thats why I said, that about the Eagles and Mark Walberg”. “I simply told them, if you have a problem….then say hello to my little friend” Sal tells me.

Thats when the “Killer Elf” got in the face(or stomach since he is so little lol) of the huge 250 pound plus Eagles Fan. “I weigh 108 lbs say the Killer Elf. But I am a little gangster. I simply threw my beer in his face. Thats how I get down. Im like a mother f*cken wild hog” he tells me. Well the wild hog, would eat 4 solid punches, knocking out 7 of his teeth.

nothing about steelers fever, just moko and tim little elf getting their skulls smashed in.
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