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Default Re: Steelers headed for salary cap hell in 2012?

Originally Posted by Dodens Grav View Post
No, I'm saying listing every single player 30 years and up (plus Gay) is ridiculous. Ryan Clark? Brett Keisel? Really? Has there ever been even the slightest hint that these guys are nearing the end? And James Harrison said his back feels better now than it did most of last season, and that he'll be closer to 100% after this season. So why would he be done? Why would Hampton be done? Who would even be playing NT and who would be backing up if Hampton and Hoke left after this season? McLendon could be the backup, but I wouldn't want him starting, and it's unlikely that a rookie would start. Maybe if the Steelers win the super bowl there will be an unexpected retirement or two, but even that is far from a guarantee.
i believe people are suggesting names that could be cut. at least that's what my list was about. it was a list of veterans who might be cut due to age, salary, performance etc...

clark, kiesel or hampton could be salary cap casualties. after restructuring his contract hampton is making just over 7 million this year. i am not sure of his cap hit in 2012, but i am guessing it will close to 8 mil. there is a youth movement taking place along the DL. i am not implying all 3 starting D-linemen are going to be cut, but none of their jobs are 100% guaranteed.

harrison stated his back is not in game shape yet. he said he doesn't know when it will be. his back has not really been tested yet as he admitted to. i am hoping everything is great because without his pass rush i don't see the steelers doing much in that department. woodley needs harrison getting the attention of double and triple teams.

notable free agents after this season ends are polamalu, smith, legursky, wallace, lewis, mclendon, redman, foster, j. scott, hoke, essex, batch and leftwich. polamalu is probably going to be franchised. smith will be let go unless he plays for vet minimum. wallace strikes me as a person who will want big money. i suppose that depends on how well he produces this season.
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