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Default baron batch loves his new ACL tear scar

ive only read 2 of his blog posts but i am amazed at the maturity and how well grounded this young man is. its great to see youth who still have their head screwed on straight.

Monday, September 5, 2011
diary 33 (The Beauty of Scars)


Rehab is going great and my knee is feeling better each day. Iím much further ahead of where most people are at this point that have had an ACL repair. I am off the crutches, out of my brace, and walking around just fine. Iíve began biking and doing exercises to improve my strength that Iíve lost in my leg. I have just about all of my range of motion back in my knee, and the swelling is just almost gone.


I have a new scar now. Its permanent address is my left knee. It is a work of art created by the artist simply known as Life. Life doesnít discriminate whom she scars physically or emotionally. However, over my 23 years of life I have come to realize the beauty of scars. How crazy would it be if once wounds healed they didnít leave a mark, what if there were no scars? What if we healed without a reminder or what was? Would you forget the pain that you endured? Would you forget the healing process that took place? Would you even forget the wound altogether?

Scars serve as a permanent reminder of our fragility but more importantly our strength. Scars are proof of what you have overcome. Every time I look at my many scars I remember how weak I was at the time the wound was formed, and what formed it. I remember the healing process. I remember the strength I didnít know I had to push through, and I remember eventually being healed.

Iím proud of my new scar, because as a new scar forms so does character. And once a new scar turns into an old one, it is tougher than it was before.

My scars are beautiful, and so are yours. My scars make me stronger, and so do yours. My scars have a story, and yours do too.
WOW. i am still in shock how inspirational this guy is. its impossible to not root for him to be a major player with the steelers in the future.

and if he isnt, im sure he will be just fine with getting on with more important things in his lifes work.
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