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Default Re: Steelers headed for salary cap hell in 2012?

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Links please. Where did you get any of these ideas? Smith is "likely to retire"? Farrior will follow him? Why the hell would Foote take a pay cut? I've not once read any beat writer even remotely suggest any of the things you state here as fact. Is this wishful thinking on your part?
None of this is fact--it's speculation on my part. No reason to get all upset. But here's my logic:

I don't think Smith will make it through the season healthy. His health problems have been mounting the last several years and with the emergence of Ziggy Hood and Heyward, I'd say the chances of him being resigned are extremely low. He may not retire, but he's not going to be back with the Steelers for anything remotely close to his current salary, which is what matters for our purposes.

I'm less sure about Farrior--he has the conditioning that he may be able to stick around after this year. Who knows what he'll do?

As far as Foote goes, if he returns to the Steelers I very much doubt they'll pay him $3M/yr. to keep Stevenson Sylvester on the bench. At least one of Foote and Farrior will be gone. If Farrior does choose to retire, it's more likely that we'll pay Foote, but otherwise he's probably going to have to leave to get paid.

Put it this way--why would the Steelers, if we're truly in a cap crunch (which we really aren't, given the relatively small number of guys who may actually end up returning), give a raise to a backup LB on the wrong side of 30?

These are just my thoughts, again. But even if we may see significant roster changes for cap reasons, I don't think they'll be hugely detrimental. Cutting the salary of an Aaron Smith, for example, frees up a good bit f cash to extend other people.
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