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Default Re: Negotiations with Troy Polamalu ongoing

Risk vs reward - that is correct.

Smart move is to franchise him next yr. This gives us one more year of "evidence" to see if he can stay injury free before we pay him.

HOWEVER, Steelers are not like the Jaguars who cut starting QBs the week before the season opens, one of the most classless things I have ever seen. By rewarding Polamalu with a new contract - for playing his heart out all the time and for being a model citizen and rep for the Steelers off the field - there maybe some intangible value attained ... a message sent to other players about how the Steelers operate, how you will be rewarded for hard work and how the Steelers value not just what you do on the field but how you are off the field as well no matter how "old" you are. Giving Troy a new contract in my view, is not just about him ... its about motivating and reassuring others on the team as well.

(But before I get all mushy, I am realistic as well - I see Farrior, Aaron Smith, Keisel and possibly Ward all done after this season... I would retire too after winning the SB, wouldn't you?)
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