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Default What am I missing?

I can't wait for the regular season to begin. However, I am a little worried. We have all the tools we need to be very successful this year. Our team is not MUCH different overall from last year and we went to the Super Bowl. The last few times we won the Super Bowl we had pretty bad seasons after. I don't think that will (should) happen this year but I also didn't think it should happen after SB43. What do you guys think usually gets us down the next season? Is it a lack of motivation, a feeling of complacency? When I look at the schedule we should get more than enough wins to make the playoffs again. What am I missing? What causes us to have our down seasons? Obviously there isn't anything I can do to fix it for the team but just curious to know why we seem to struggle after a Super Bowl instead of continuing to win.

Thanks for any insight. Here is to a 13+ win season regular season!

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