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Default Re: Negotiations with Troy Polamalu ongoing

What is it going to take to do this deal? The Bolts set the market at $40M / 5 yrs / $19M guaranteed for Weddle. We just paid Wood around $60M and Timmons around $50M. What must Troy be asking? It has to be in that neighborhood.

He counts $6.4M this year and it'll take up $10M to franchise him next year.

Go $60M over 5 years. $30M signing bonus...

2011 - $6M SB / $1M - $7M cap hit
2012 - $6M SB / $4M - $10M cap hit
2013 - $6M SB / $6M - $12M cap hit - Troy probably hangs it up
2014 - $6M SB / $9M - $15M cap hit - $6M dead money because he retired
2015 - $6M SB / $10M - $16M cap hit - $6M dead money because he retired

We can cover that with all the TV money to come. That's why they're even talking. This deal will become undo-able if it waits til next year.

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