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Default Re: Baltimore Sportswriter Talks Trash About Ben

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
Nice try but Flacco would have certainly done something against a badly depleted Green Bay secondary with the Super Bowl on the line and two minutes to go. If he didn't lead the Ravens to a game winning TD (as he did against the Steelers in the first game last year) he would have at least gotten close and had some shots and the end zone.

I dont know if it was Ben's off the field problems or what but he didn't look like himself in that Super Bowl and the game could have been a lot worse than the final score.

I think he is a QB on the way down and Flacco is on the way up. Flacco was actually ahead of Ben in QB ratings going into the last regular season game last year as I recall.

The Ravens dominated the Steelers in the first half of the playoff game at Heinz until fatigue caught up and the Steelers Bye advantage was a big factor in that game. The Steelers were somewhat lucky to get that bye (dropped TD pass in end zone by Buffalo in overtime gave the Steelers an extra win)
Being a ravens fan is one thing, but do you actually watch football, or any of the steelers/ravens games? It's completely obvious that Ben is a better QB, Flacco is good but he is not even anywhere near the class that Ben is in. Mere simpletons can see that. When Ben plays we beat the ravens every time, isnt flacco on thr otherside of the ball losing those games? You talk about what flacco would have done in the super bowl, first off he wouldnt have done anything, second he doesnt even know how to get to the super bowl, cant win a game your not playing in. Also, ben has already won a super bowl twice, he isnt going to go into a slump cause he lost one, a lot of the greats have lost super bowls. You guys are always so sour, claiming how you always are beating us and then giving the game away or some other stupid excuse, but the bottom line is you always loose, especially to ben. Everything you said was irrelevant to the actual facts.
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