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Default Re: Steelers vs Ravens Matchups

The running game will be interesting. A lot of analysts, fans, and media types are big on Ray Rice. While he is very good, Mendenhall still had more yards and 8 more rushing touchdowns. Ricky Williams is a good addition for when your playing most teams, but I'm thinking he will have little to no affect on the Steelers defense, he had some good years (a few) but hasn't even reached 700 yards since 2005. Redman made some plays last year against Baltimore but I don't see him being a huge difference in this game either. The running game is probably a draw. I think we match up well against them, but their big advantage is their D line. Ngata is tough even for Pouncey to cover, Pouncey will be successful most of the time but not all the time and if Ngata goes against one of our gaurds he has a big advantage. Suggs against Scott is a joke, although Suggs usually beats up on our left tackle anyway so if Scott can just play mediocre we might be ok, I don't want to even think about how bad that could be (#7 on a back board). The WR advantage we have is incredible: Ward, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Cotchery, not sure if they have a corner that can cover any one of those guys. All that being said, the most important matchup that was not mentioned, and one of the biggest reason we always win:

Ben>>>>>>>Flacco. Not even a close matchup. It's closer in the regular season then in the playoffs, but Flacco on his best day is not quite as good as Ben on an average day.

All that set aside, weird, unexpected things happen on opening day.
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