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Default To much respect

Maybe it's just me, I've watched every single ravens and STEELERS games that Ben has played and of course he is undefeated against flacco. But my point is this. Is it possible that the reason most of the games between the Steelers and ravens is close is because the coaches and the players are caught up in this thing that the ravens are going to be a tough game for them, instead of just going out there and playing their game like the do against other teams? To me, they just expect to much greatness from the ravens, instead of just saying, what rivalry, we are the best and do what we have to do. I know some of you say we have to respect them because they are a good team, and i agree that they are, but we are a better team and i think there are other teams in the league that scare me more than the ravens, and it is time for this team to realize that and let's just beat them down like WE CAN. GO STEELERS.
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