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Default Re: Too old? Too young? Steelers say defense is just right

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
What! Who do you say is on the decline and who do you say we do not have replacements for? I don't see anybody who is really declining and the ones that could be argued over have young players ready to back them up.
If there was anyone on defense that was declining, it'd have to be Farrior. True he was coming off a bounceback year from 2009 (where he was awful), but back when we won our first Super Bowl, I'd say he was a top 3 ILB in the league. In terms of dropping back into coverage, he's not nearly as good as he once was. That's why you see Timmons dropping back more often and Farrior usually staying put for run support or blitzing up the middle.

Sylvester should take over after Farrior is done. But then again most of us thought Fox would when he looked good starting in the Tennessee and Vikings game a couple of years ago.
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