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Default Re: Negotiations with Troy Polamalu ongoing

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
theres also a major divide amongst who think they are so much smarter than the coaching staff and front office and those who think the coaching staff and front office are right, more often than not.

go figure....

6 sb wins and 1:3.3 [or so] of every afcc game appearance > everybody else.
The 6 SBs argument is about the least original thing you could write on here. That's great. I was only alive for 4 SBs. Two of them we lost. I'm not going to go around parading that I watched reruns with my dad of us winning 4 in the 70s. Last I heard, the Packers won the SB last season. That makes them better than us. I could really care less that they won 12 championships, most of them coming before my parents were even alive.

No one here said they were smarter than the Steelers FO. I love a lot of the stuff the they do. They have acquired great players on their team and most of it is do to good scouting and good development from within. I wouldn't trade Roethlisberger, Troy, Timmons or Harrison for any of their respective counterparts in the league.

But where we differ is I don't think the Steelers FO/coaching staff is right 100 percent of the time. You apparently think they make no mistakes. Bringing back Randle El, not addressing a need with the 2nd round pick last year (Jason Worilds), TRADING DOWN and drafting Kraig Urbik, drafting fatass Frank Summers (god I hated them so much), keeping Arnaz Battle over Crezdon Butler, etc were all blunders. Most of these things are small things.

So stop whining that people on this board often criticize the team. You go into a defense mode and start attacking people If we all agreed, this board would be very boring.
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