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Default Re: Baltimore Sportswriter Talks Trash About Ben

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
Nice try but Flacco would have certainly done something against a badly depleted Green Bay secondary with the Super Bowl on the line and two minutes to go. If he didn't lead the Ravens to a game winning TD (as he did against the Steelers in the first game last year) he would have at least gotten close and had some shots and the end zone.
Flacco has never done anything really significant in the playoffs. You need to quit bringing up one of the very few times he's beaten the Steelers (w/o Ben) as an example of how he would have done in the Superbowl. That's just sad and embarrassing for you.

I think he is a QB on the way down and Flacco is on the way up. Flacco was actually ahead of Ben in QB ratings going into the last regular season game last year as I recall.
Not surprisingly, you recall incorrectly. Ben was in 5th at the end of the season...Flacco was in 7th, just below Josh Freeman. And don't reply with "but, but, but, I said going into the last game!"....he was still behind Ben. Flacco is a decent QB, and may very well pass Ben up in the standings someday. Good thing for the Steelers, standings and passer ratings don't win you Superbowls. Teamwork does.

The Ravens dominated the Steelers in the first half of the playoff game at Heinz until fatigue caught up and the Steelers Bye advantage was a big factor in that game. The Steelers were somewhat lucky to get that bye (dropped TD pass in end zone by Buffalo in overtime gave the Steelers an extra win)
Keep whining about the bye week...because obviously, the Steelers have NEVER been able to beat the Ravens without it.

What's your excuse for the Steelers beating them in the '09 playoffs?

P.S. If the Ravens were the kind of dominating team that you make them out to be, you wouldn't need to come up with every excuse in the book when they lose. Just sayin'.
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